Emerging Communities and Opportunities For Entrepreneurs Globally

Opportunities to find cofounders, build startups and get funding (and potential sources of dealflow for angel investors and seed funds)

Beautiful map of global air traffic networks circa 2016 thanks to this article and Martin Grandjean’s original post

Access to VCs



Competitions / (Virtual) Accelerators

  • Solo — trucking as a service (TaaS) to enable drivers to be their own boss (my $3)
  • Nude Barre — lingerie in your shade (my #1)
  • HoneyFi — financial app for couples to increase transparency and hit savings goals
  • EyeRate — platform to increase to reward employees for facilitating positive customer engagement online and increase online reputation (starting w beauty and spa chains)
  • Punt Club — creating sports betting clubs among friends
  • Paragon One — college students gain real-world externships (my #2)
  • TechMate — on demand tech support for distributed workforce




Venture Studios



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